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Hosted telephony from NT Cloud Solutions is transforming the way businesses communicate. With a hosted solution, organisations are able to put in place an all encompassed, single telephony platform available to all employees regardless of their location or their preferred device.

Quite simply, hosted telephony from NT Cloud Solutions provides you with the feature rich applications you would expect from a traditional PBX, however with it being fully hosted in our data centre it offers greater levels of flexibility and protection towards your business.

Cost Savings

With a hosted solution from NT Cloud Solutions, there is no longer a need for ISDN or Analogue lines, therefore you are able to considerably reduce your phone bills.

Greater Flexibility

A hosted telephony solution can be connected to any internet access point, giving you and your employees high quality telephone access regardless of location.

Flexible Working

If you have staff who work remotely or travel frequently, a hosted telephone system could be perfect for your business.

Hassle Free

NT Cloud Solutions make it simple to convert your traditional telephone system over to a hosted solution whilst being able to keep your current telephone number from an existing provider.

A hosted telephony solution offers tangible cost savings

Hosted telephony from NT Cloud Solutions offers considerable cost savings to your business. Operated via the cloud, the price of the traditional telephone system and associated maintenance costs are eliminated.
Designed to replace the traditional PBX switchboard, the hosted telephone system proves a more affordable alternative, whilst maintaining the essential functionality and features.

Some of the tangible cost savings:

Line rental reduction (no need for analogue or ISDN lines)

No main phone system hardware is necessary

No cost of phone system maintenance

Desk phones are optional as software can run on PC´s if required

No cost of additional system hardware if expanding (all that is required is an additional handset and user licence)

How is hosted telephony used?

Hosted telephony is a complete business communication service that provides an extensive range of fixed and mobile telephony capabilities via the cloud.
As a more flexible alternative to the traditional PBX, the hosted telephone system has become increasingly popular for businesses with employees working from home or out of office. Offering the same functionality across multiple devices, you can appear to be in the office even when you´re not.

Business Continuity

Business Continuity

With a hosted solution from NT Cloud Solutions, disruption to business and down time due to adverse weather are a thing of the past. Call routing can be set up in the click of a button, meaning your business, stays in business.

flexible Management

Flexible Management

Through hosted telephony, expanding your business or catering for seasonal periods has never been easier. Simply add or remove users as you go, only paying for what it is you need.

Remote Working

Remote Working

Hosted telephony enables remote or home workers to have full access to the telephone system from any device, in any location. Using the hosted telephone system also means calls between staff to and from the office are free.

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